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Dedication - Expertise - Passion

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is at the heart of what we do, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move our organization's work forward. Without them, New England XP. Inc. would not be where it is today. Meet some of our team members below.

NEXP Adviser

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José Alberto Taboada Rojas

NEXP International Advisor and General Coordinator in Paraguay.

Management of International Loans and other Multinational Companies. Active Member of the Council of the Assemblies of God in Paraguay. Former official of the IPVU and CONAVI. Paraguayan Institute of Housing and Urban Planning and National Housing Council. Positions, Secretary General of the IPVU and Private Secretary of the President of CONAVI. Twenty-three years in public service from 1978 to 2001.



Esther Encarnación



Daniela Jose Pérez

Executive Secretary

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Donations to support Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) research and care are greatly appreciated. XP is a rare genetic disorder that affects the skin and eyes, making them highly sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and leading to an increased risk of skin cancer. By donating, you can help fund research to find treatments and cures for XP. You can also support the development of resources to help individuals and families who are affected by XP. Your donation will make a difference in the fight against this rare and debilitating disorder. Thank you for your generous support.

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